Hi again! Well, I wondered if I’d be back here after all this time. It’s hard to even believe what’s happened since I wrote my first couple of blog posts 2 summers ago. The more time that went by, the harder it was to come back – I mean how embarrassing to not post anything for 2 years after just starting.

Well, what you don’t know of course, is that my daughter broke her back just a couple of weeks after my most “recent” post. Spoiler alert: She made a full recovery and is doing very well! She was 16 at the time, and just a few hours earlier I had dropped her off at camp where she was counselling for the summer. Long story short, she was thrown from a horse, landed upside down in the shape of a “C”, and sustained a bad break.

It could have been worse. If she had landed on harder ground, it could have been her neck. She also could have been paralyzed by the fracture she got, because at first the ER doctors sent her home without a back x-ray, telling her it was pulled muscles and to expect to be in worse pain for a few days. This memory and the thought of her walking around with bone fragments near her spinal column makes me start to sweat. Thank God, when I realized she was pale and clammy the next day I took her to a different ER, half expecting to feel like the paranoid mama and be going home with no break. Well obviously I wasn’t paranoid; the doctors that sent her home had grievously put her in danger. She spent a week in the hospital being well taken care of, and had surgery by one of the best (and kindest) surgeons around. I also spent that week in the hospital, taking care of her while my own stress levels soared as a single mom with no other family, in a relatively new city. One woman from our church very kindly came to keep my baby company that first morning (after 16 hours in the ER) while I went home to shower and eat.

Once the hospital released my daughter, we went home, and she began to recover in earnest. Unfortunately for me, I was the only nurse once we got home! And… we had to pack up and move house. Our original move date was set for 3 weeks after getting home, but our landlords graciously extended us an extra 6 weeks. That gave me 9 weeks to pack up while nursing the patient.

Then there was the move itself. I want to get something posted, or this could take another year! So I’m going to leave this here and say, To Be Continued…

God bless you!