A beginning, again…

As I spent time setting up this blog, trying to get my “space” all customized and cozy, I realized I have never paid attention to other people’s first blog posts. Does anyone talk about setting up their blog ON their blog? Or is it just me?

Well, I’ll be honest, the process has been a bit frustrating. I thought I was pretty good at getting into a user-friendly program and just learning as I go… but WordPress has me feeling a little insecure! Maybe it’s the blog world in general; the very idea of starting a blog – ME, a blog? Yikes. Yep, insecure is one word that comes to mind. I am a private person, am I going to share my life with strangers now? Hehe.. I think so.

And a blog about God? One of the most heated topics of conversation in the world.. but one of my favourites ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m no expert, though! I named the blog How To Lean because that’s what I am learning, and I would love to include others on the journey. We have things to teach each other. How do we lean on God, in hard times? What about in good times? And does it seem like there are more and more hard things happening to you and those around you? Our world is changing rapidly. We need to be leaning on our loving Father, or we’ll fall into despair when the hard times come. Honestly, I’ve spent too much time in despair. God loves us, and He wants us close. Leaning. I’m trying to learn how to lean well. Join me?

God, please show us how to lean on You, how to draw near and let You hold us up. Your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Show Your strength, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

3 thoughts on “A beginning, again…

  1. Hello, I was truly blessed in reading of your post, “Different” so very early in the morning! (about 2:00AM). I guess the Lord Jesus wakes us for a purpose! lol. I am currently dealing with extreme isolation and health issues. Being able to read on the computer has it moments, but Life and “taking care of business” is the usual concern. I am definitely going to “follow” your blog. But, I honestly have very little time to read “too many” posts from bloggers. (lol, I’m able to do it now!) May I have your name to pray for you and the success of your blog? May God abundantly bless you as what you have blessed me. Thank you most sincerely. Timothy Baugh


    1. Timothy, thank you for your kind message! I am honoured and thankful that the blog post was a blessing to you. I’m so sorry you are dealing with isolation and health issues. You couldn’t have known that I have been dealing with the same things, but isn’t it interesting the connections that God makes? Thank you for praying for me. It’s Lindsay… nice to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m praying for you too. Please feel free to send me any specific requests! God bless you.

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      1. Dear Lindsay, I wasn’t sure where or how the specific requests would be posted. I was told by my Primary Care Physician that I have Stage Three Kidney Disease. I am not ashamed of the diagnosis; although I frankly find it “VERY” hard to believe. I have a God who assures me that my Life is His, and is in His control. Your prayers would be the confidence I need; to continue believing (for this “surrendered one”) that ALL IS WELL. Don’t EVER just GIVE IN or GIVE UP! God Bless You! Timothy


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